Making great furniture


A furniture manufacturer that supplies furniture to public facilities such as the National Diet Building, Akasaka State Guest House, and Tokyo Sky Tree, Iyobe's chair manufacturing technology has even received a commendation from the government.

Manufacturing and sales of wooden furniture


23-13 Senda, Koto City, Tokyo
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Kisaku Iyobe

Highly appreciated traditional techniques and professional ideas

Iyobe was established by craftspeople of high-quality Western furniture. In addition to making chairs for the parliament building and large halls, the company’s planning and manufacturing of office furniture have also come to be well received in recent years.

Office buildings in central Tokyo are expensive, making it rather wasteful not to optimize office space to its fullest. Iyobe proposes a solution in the form of a parlor that doubles as a conference room, and the ideas they propose from a professional’s viewpoint are adopted in many offices.

Developing its own brand with technical prowess that even international brands vouch for

Iyobe‘ technical prowess is such that it attracts attention even from international brands with 6 popular international brands from all over the world entrusting the company with the production of furniture for the Japanese market under a strategic alliance.

The company opened a showroom in 2013, producing several spaces of different settings and atmospheres. Its high-quality interiors are the talk of the town not just with public facilities and offices but also among individual customers who are highly conscious of lifestyle.