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Hakuten Corporation

Established in 1967. With a focus on setting up custom booths for events and exhibitions, Hakuten Corporation creates solutions for the marketing activities of businesses and organizations. In 2020, the company opened T-BASE in Tatsumi, a production studio used not only for the production of Hakuten's own services but also as a co-creation space for clients and partners.

Custom builds for exhibitions and events

Hakuten Corporation

3-13-25 Tatsumi , Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-5534-6677
+81 (0)3-6457-0122
Masaru Ikushima

Providing clients with communication design

While Hakuten has always provided woodworking solutions for the creation of exhibition booths, the company expanded its business since the 1990s by collaborating with external creators. Hakuten takes its client’s communication expectations and fully realizes them through spatial design and creation. For this reason, Hakuten is constantly sought for consultation from all corners.

A co-creation studio to accompany clients through trial and error

In 2020, Hakuten opened T-BASE, a co-creation studio located in Koto City’s Tatsumi area and in the vicinity of TOKYO BIG SIGHT. T-BASE serves not only as the company’s own studio but also as a place where clients and partners can display products for sale and try out lighting techniques. Hakuten is also considering co-creating with the local community and nearby companies, making T-BASE a place not only for production but also for dialogue and ideas.