Edogawa Lumber Industrial

The company was founded after World War II as a wooden furniture manufacturer before moving to Koto City with the aim to expand its businesses. At present, the company also imports and processes timber as well as constructing houses and stores. With a company history of over 70 years, we are deeply trusted by our customers.

Purchase, processing, assembly and construction of residential wood

Edogawa Lumber Industrial

1-3-16 Shinkiba, Koto City, Tokyo
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Daisuke Ichikawa

Antiseismic technology from a country famous for its earthquakes

Edogawa Lumber Industrial Co., Ltd‘s seismic control method of taking antiseismic technology used in high-rise buildings and incorporating it into wooden constructions is so popular that it is used by the majority of home builders in Japan. In a country riddled with earthquakes, there has been a trend in the construction industry to place more importance on a building’s safety and security and, in recent years, these measures have been incorporated not only in private housings but also in welfare facilities and school buildings too.

Taking on the world with experience, achievements ad design

Our technology is used in the floors of cultural facilities such as museums and concert halls, school gymnasiums and popular cafes. In a collaborative project with Fukuoka Prefecture and University, we were able to come up with many innovative renovation proposals such as incorporating dampers in a store’s interior decoration. Although already renowned for the high functionality of our products, we aim to further focus on the design aspect to strengthen our expansion overseas.