Fusuma innovator

Mizofuchi Woodworking

Mizofuchi Woodworking is devoted to bringing the Fusuma Japanese sliding doors back to popularity by manufacturing and repairing Fusuma following traditional methods that have been passed down for over 1200 years.

Manufacturing and sales of Fusuma Japanese sliding doors

Mizofuchi Woodworking

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Takahisa Mizofuchi

Creating value by pivoting from being a Fusuma frame specialist to manufacturing entire Fusuma

Since its conception, Mizofuchi Woodworking has always made Fusuma frames. However, Mr. Mizofuchi, who is the company’s 3rd president, went to a craftsmanship training school and learned all the processes in making Fusuma from beginning to end.

As of today, the Japanese interior design industry is threatened by the decrease in the number of housing units and Japanese-style rooms. By expanding the scope of its business and taking on the entire manufacturing process in-house, Mizofuchi Woodworking has managed to shorten delivery time and control costs.

Wanting to convey the beauty of functional and well-designed Fusuma

The paper used in Fusuma boasts a rich variety of color schemes and materials, making it easy to place in modern interiors. In fact, Mizofuchi Woodworking actively participates in interior design exhibitions. Bringing beautiful and functional Fusuma back to popularity by giving it a modern touch is Mizofuchi Woodworking‘s raison d’être.