Going against the grain
in wood processing

Sanko Rinsan

Sanko Rinsan was founded in Tomioka 2-chome as a timber wholesaler, before moving to Shinkiba and starting a new wood processing business despite having pretty much no knowledge of the industry. They developed their own wood dryer, and in recent years have been working to manufacture woodworking products using timber remnants, as well as developing their regional brands.

Sanko Rinsan

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Katsuyuki Umada

Reinvigorating a wholesale business through wood processing

In order to turn around their struggling business, Sanko Rinsan Timber Wholesalers decided to enter into the wood processing market. They had no real know-how and no experience in this industry, so turned to an influx of skilled craftspeople to guide them. Thankfully, the efforts of these workers paid off, and the new venture was a success. They went on to develop their own low-temperature wood dryer, named “All Dry”. This dryer can work while still maintaining the quality of the wood, making it ideal for use in maintaining temples and shrines, theatres, and other important cultural properties.

Product development led by design and ideas

By introducing wood-processing machines, they made it possible to make woodworking products using lumber remnants. Being machine-made, they are able to realise refined, polished designs. As they put it: “we want to reform the image of wood using the power of design”. In recent years, they have also started up the regional brand “Old Kiba Design”, creating wood products in their local area of Fukagawa. Infinite ideas: that is the driving power of Sanko Rinsan!