The makers’ town closest to you.
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In Koto City you will find all the crafts you need, be it steel, wood, glass, fiber, furniture or traditional crafts. Koto City should be your first stop whenever you think of making something. Directly connected to the heart of the manufacturing area, you’ll be able to realize your dreams closer and quicker.

What is Koto Brand?

Koto Brand

The “Koto Brand” is awarded to companies who possess great craftsmanship and who seek to further develop the craft they have inherited. Our goal is to spread the word on the greatness of Koto City’s craftsmanship through various PR activities.

Support for certified companies

  • Granting the Koto Brand logo
  • Provide places to promote products and technologies such as exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Issuance and distribution of company introduction brochures
  • Posting on a dedicated website to disseminate company information
  • Holding exchange meetings companies


All of the following requirements must be fulfilled by the applicant company

  • Must be an SME with its headquarters or main office in Koto City
  • The company must have a minimum of 1 year’s business record in Koto City as of April 1 of the year of the application
  • The corporate resident tax and corporate business tax of the previous fiscal year must not be delinquent
  • The products and technologies must already be in the distribution or in practical use
  • The products and technologies must be sufficiently safe
  • The company must be proactively involved in business renewal (providing new products and services, planning for business succession, etc.)
  • Along with PR for its own products and technologies, the company must strongly desire to enhance the image of Koto City and have the intention to actively participate in the Koto Brand business
  • Companies in the manufacturing space (excluding food manufacturing and retail)

* Please visit the Koto Brand promotion page on the Koto City website for details on the application requirements


Koto City Regional Promotion Department, Economic and Industrial Promotion Center
Tel: +81 (0)3-3647-2332
Fax: +81 (0)3-3647-8442