Storyteller tailor

Camisa Saito

Established in 1975. We make custom-made casual, formal and dress shirts. Made in a small house by family members, they have loyal customers from all over Japan. They also receive many orders for costumes to be worn by actors in TV-series and movies.

Manufacturing and sales of custom-made shirts

Camisa Saito

1-3-11 Sumiyoshi, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-3631-7779
+81 (0)3-3631-7869
Hisao Saito

Shirts are not consumables – The beauty of making things last

Camisa Saito Co. is a tailor who makes custom-made shirts. They will gladly replace cuffs and collars if they have turned yellow. As long as the main body is intact, a shirt can be repaired 2 to 3 times and can be worn for almost 10 years.

They pride themselves on making shirts that are durable and can be worn for a long time. If you so desire, they will even embroider your shirt with a name and the date it was made so that you can grow attached to it.

Tailoring your favorite shirt, just for you

In order to understand the customer’s wish, they insist that the customer visit their store before placing an order. This also allows them to judge the customer’s body shape with their own eyes. Those who struggle to find ready-made shirts with sleeves that fit or whose body shape doesn’t fit the proposed silhouette can come here and wear a shirt that fits their wishes to a T. The measurements of all customers are hung in the workplace in the form of dress patterns.

Every person who orders a shirt has a story. The joy on the customers’ faces as they put their arms through the sleeves is what the people at Camisa Saito look forward to the most.