Paper's deep cuts


Souma is a professional wholesale business, founded in 1964. They purchase paper directly from manufacturers, and prepare it for the intended purposes of the end user. They differ from other companies in that they also deal in printing and processing. They are currently branching out into the development of related products such as papier-mâché and a small paper stand for autographs.


1-3-12 Morishita
+81 (0)3-5600-1491
+81 (0)3-5600-1494
Akio Kubota

A remarkable knowledge of paper, paired with a breadth of speciality treatments

Souma listens carefully to the customer’s intended purpose, and chooses a paper while staying conscious of the print finish and cost. The team has an abundant knowledge of speciality paper, and are adding more unique varieties each year. They have earned the confidence of many creators and printing companies, and are constantly taking on new jobs and gaining new customers.

Turning the page on a new project to show off paper’s charms

They started a brand called “Kami no Koto”, and were selling their original papier-mâché creations “Hontono Kaminendo” by June 2020. But this is no ordinary papier-mâché: rather than the 3% paper content of the standard craft, Hontono Kaminendo is 100% paper. They are also working on new businesses, such as developing firelighters in collaboration with the Koto Brand-accredited company “Grasse Tokyo”.