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Yamatoyo Rubber

Yamatoyo Rubber started life in 1955 as a private management wholesaler of raincoats. With the motto "Keeping quality high, prices low, and delivery prompt", they now mainly produce and sell rubber goods for construction sites. They invest proactively in new equipment, keeping them ahead of the technological curve, and enabling them to manufacture a wide range of products.

Yamatoyo Rubber

3-5-8 Morishita
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Masayuki Uto

Teamwork that achieves high-quality products and high-speed delivery

Almost all of their work is custom-made, and they aim to deliver morning orders by the same evening. Strong teamwork is the secret to the quick turnaround. Their rubber products and foaming agents have been requested for everything from repair works on the Tokyo Tower Observatory, to large-scale projects for clients such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Ginza Six, right through to the kind of cutting-edge parts needed for space industries.

Approaching new product development with technology and ideas

Thanks to the introduction of a 5-axis water jet, Yamatoyo is able to handle materials that are difficult to machine, and highly complex shapes. This high-end technology has also allowed them to create ear piercings in the shape of Chinese kanji characters, which have attracted attention from creators. They care about the environment and place a focus on recycling: in addition to extracting and reusing oil from silicone rubber, they also use synthetic rubber as a material for rubber mats.