Japanese Bedding

Moriseimenjyo, Inc

Established in 1917, Moriseimenjyo,Inc is the only Futon mattress specialist in Koto City that sources its own raw cotton. Initially set up to manufacture wadding for car seats, the firm now focuses on bedding. The company's deep knowledge of cotton and the quality of its made-to-order quality have earned high praise, and its online shop receives many orders not just from Japan but also from abroad.

Manufacture and sales of Futon mattresses and Zabuton cushions

Moriseimenjyo, Inc

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Motomichi Mori

Rare native cotton species are blended to the customer’s preferences

Moriseimenjyo constantly handles 10 varieties of cotton, including rare local varieties, and blends these according to specific needs and purposes. For instance, long-fiber cotton is used in quilts for that snug feeling while firmer, short-fiber cotton is used in Futon mattresses. For Zabuton cushions, a firm cotton stabilizes the body and prevents fatigue. Moriseimenjo’s strength lies in its discerning eye and technical skills that take into consideration the usage, the climate of the region where it will be used, and local preferences.

Increasing overseas demand for plant-based luxury bedding

While an inexpensive and efficient solution for mass production, machine manufacturing can only produce standardized products. Custom-made futon makers like Moriseimenjyo are rare indeed. Cotton futons made entirely from vegetable-based materials are soaring in popularity, especially among vegans who shun wool, down, and synthetic fibers. Traditional Japanese bedding is expanding into foreign markets while also meeting their demand.