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Sumidagawa Shipyard Co., Ltd.

Established in Mukojima in 1913, the shipyard has a history of over 100 years and delivers high-speed boats to the Japan Coast Guard and the police. The company has been able to mass-produce high-speed boats since its move to Koto City in 1969. In recent years, the company has deepened its ties with the local community through public ship launching ceremonies and cleanup activities.

Design, manufacture, and sales of ships

Sumidagawa Shipyard Co., Ltd.

2-1-16 Shiomi , Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-3647-6111
+81 (0)3-3647-5210
Hideo Ishiwatari

Manufacturing high-speed boats requiring specialty yet advanced functions

Sumidagawa Shipyard makes patrol boats for the Japan Coast Guard. These patrol boats have requirements such as pursuit speed, shock absorption and dispersion that are distinct from those of the average vessel. In addition, 20% of these high-speed boats are provided by Japan to foreign nations as ODA. In recent years, these patrol boats have been used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Djibouti in Africa.

A small but elite team of specialists handling everything from design to manufacturing

While only consisting of about 50 employees, Sumidagawa Shipyard handles both the design and manufacturing of specialized vessels with teams dedicated for each task.
Furthermore, the company actively recruits from the nearby Sumida Technical High School and has a growing number of employees in their twenties to whom specific skills are passed on without scruples. Design and manufacturing — Sumidagawa Shipyard is supported by a small number of elite specialists from both fields.