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Ito Uroko

As a geta sandal shop in the Nihonbashi Fish Market, Ito Uroko sold items such as Odawara sandals, which were easy to use even in the wet and the mud. In 1910, after a long period of research and development, they perfected their rubber boots. Since then, they have continued to create professional boots designed specifically for market workers.

Ito Uroko

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Hiroko Ito

Robust and durable: hard-working boots for the hard workers of the market

Ito-uroko‘s boots are particularly famous for the durability of the sole. Their specially-moulded soles, made without cavities, are robust and strong – perfect for the busy market workers. In the market, they have a saying about Ito Uroko: “When I’m qualified, I want to wear those boots”. People will wear one pair for decades, and when they finally need to, replace them with the same pair again.

The ever-improving rubber boots with outdoor appeal

Ito-uroko‘s high-quality boots are well known among market workers, but have also attracted more general attention. Since they stand up well to rain and cold, farmers, livestock workers, and outdoor-types are also passionately supportive of the brand. The mixing of the thick rubber and arrangement of the glue have been refined using real-life testing from the market and shop floors. The comfort of the boots is evidenced by the sheer number of repeat customers.