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Noda Horo

Established in 1934, Noda Horo initially made enamel products for foreign markets but moved on to manufacturing household items, hygiene items and educational laboratory items for the domestic market following Worl War II with skilled craftspeople producing the goods in the company's factory.

Manufacturing and sales of enamel products

Noda Horo

3-22-22 Kitasuna, Koto City, Tokyo
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Yasutomo Noda

The only integrated manufacturer in the country

Noda Horo is the only manufacturer of enamel products that undertakes everything from molding to baking and glazing domestically in Japan. The popular storage container “White Series” was created in response to demands from families for a simple lidded container for kitchen use. The rectangular container that optimally uses space within a refrigerator has received warm support from renowned culinary experts and was taken up by magazines making it a great commercial success.

Tableware and cooking apparatus at the same time – The multifunctional friend of modern lifestyles

The base of enamel is iron (steel plate), giving it good heat conduction and an ability to be steamed or used on direct heat as a cooking apparatus. Once cooled, it can be stored in a fridge and can also be used as it is as tableware. Its multifunctional ease of use makes it a great ally for the busy modern person.