Lifting the impossible
off the ground

Tamaru Seisakusho

From manufacturing to maintenance, Tamaru Seisakusho takes care of everything related to industrial cranes and trailers. Their past accomplishments speak for themselves having worked on the construction of the Tokyo Sky Tree building and information boards for the Metropolitan Expressway.

Design, production and installation of steel structures and hoists

Tamaru Seisakusho

3-6-6 Ogibashi, Koto City, Tokyo
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Daisuke Tamaru

Crane technology cultivated in the seaside town of Koto City

Koto City is located by the sea and is home to many lumber wholesalers and factories, the majority of which need cranes to lift cargo from ships. To answer this demand, Tamaru Seisakusho has been manufacturing cranes in this city for over 70 years. In recent years, the company has been involved with major projects such as the construction of Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and Tokyo Gate Bridge.

Development of vehicle and construction businesses born from basic technological capabilities

Making use of their crane manufacturing technologies, divisions for the manufacturing of parts for large vehicles and construction sites were established some 30 years ago, allowing for stable management that does not pale in comparison to larger corporations. In the words of Mr. Tamaru, “it is our great technological capabilities in crane manufacturing that allows us to take on various challenges”.

The tougher the task, the higher the enjoyment

Custom-made machines require minute designing and planning before manufacturing, a time consuming process. If the clients are in a hurry, there are times when a machine that would usually take 2 weeks from order to delivery is completed and delivered in just 1 week. At Tamaru Seisakusho, the workers comply to the clients’ demands, even accepting complicated requests and tackling them as if enjoying a game.