An Artisan Breathing
New Life Into Jewels

Jewelry Sashou

The family-run business first opened shop in 1912 as a metal work atelier making obi clasps and ornamental hairpins for the Tatsumi Geisha. Having opened a store in Takabashi Shopping Street in 1985, Jewelry Sashou has since become the locals' favorite jewelry store. Shinichi Sashou, the thirdgeneration owner of the business, handles all aspects of metal casting,forging, and engraving, and also serves as the chairman of the Takabashi Shopping Street, making efforts to revitalize the local community.

Repair, processing, and sales of precious metal

Jewelry Sashou

14-21 Takahashi, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-3632-5233
+81 (0)3-3632-5233
Shinichi Sashou

Earning the right to succeed the family business

Shinichi Sashou has been trained in metal casting since he turned 18, and took over his family’s jewelry business as the third-generation owner at the age of 30. His grandfather made obi clasps and ornamental hairpins while his father, the second generation business owner, provided jewelry to department stores. In addition to creating original pieces, the third-generation Sashou’s main business is repairing and processing jewelry in his store, and he responds to requests from all over Japan.

Particular focus on remodeling repairs, where no two requests are the same

No two requests are the same in remodeling repairs. Being able to bring out the very best of the materials and provide the best experience for the wearer are the strengths of Mr. Sashou’s and his twenty years of experience. He believes in providing the best possible professional repair while understanding the client’s sentiments.

Traditional techniques nurtured in the downtown area are also highly valued on the big stage

About 10 years ago, he produced ornaments for musicals. He also works on props for cosmetics advertisements and movies, and his expertise and exceptional skills are highly regarded in various fields.