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Seiken Glass Co., Ltd

Established in 1974, Seiken Glass Co., Ltd ("Seiken Glass") produces and sells heat-resistant, tempered, and other specialty glass. The company has one of the largest selections of materials in Japan and also acts as a sales agent for specialty glass made by foreign manufacturers. The company is favored by manufacturers and research institutes as it handles the production of multiple varieties in small quantities.

Production and sales of specialty glass

Seiken Glass Co., Ltd

3-16-29 Higashisuna , Koto City, Tokyo
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Michihiro Toida

Among the greatest selection of materials in Japan, accepting production of even small quantities

Seiken Glass handles the sourcing and processing of specialty glass used in the lenses of endoscopes and semiconductor manufacturing jigs. The company’s selection of in-stock materials is among the best in Japan.

With the cost of materials being so high for specialty glass, it is essential to make prototypes in small lots and conduct studies. Handling everything from the sourcing of the materials to their processing, Seiken Glass’s strength is being able to flexibly handle even small lots.

Exceptional technological prowess in manipulating a wide variety of materials and machinery

The real strength of Seiken Glass lies in the technical prowess of the company’s craftsmen who are able to take advantage of the rich variety of materials and machinery. In an industry already renowned for the precision of its works, the making of specialty glass is particularly technical as the parts are often thin and small. It is true that the use of machines enables a wide range of processing, but ultimately it is the finely honed skills of the craftsmen that enhance the accuracy of the products.