Worldclass polishing


A glass machining business with over 50 years of history. Established GLASS-LAB in 2014, which has one of Japan's leading polishing and sandblasting technologies and undertakes specially designed products.

Manufacturing and sales of glass products


1-13-11 Hirano, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-6318-9407
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Takayuki Shiina

An artisan family that meets complex demands from all over the world

“Our strength is that we can provide world-class craftsmanship despite being a small family-owned workshop” says Takayuki Shiina. Their strength lies in their ability to not only polish glass but also undertake complex processing tasks such as combining fine drilling and cutting. They receive requests from some of the finest restaurant and artists from around the world.

Under the media’s spotlight, a 3-month backlog of orders

Their masterpiece is the “Hokusai Glass” which reproduces the delicate nuances of Ukiyo-e. It attracted media attention and lead to a 3-month backlog of orders.

Artisans are highly motivated by the fact that their skills have been directly appreciated. The appearance of future original products is awaited.