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Edokiriko’s Shop Hanashyo

After training under the tutelage of a glassmaker who had started out in the aftermath of World War II, Mr. Kumakura started his own business in 1994. Their Edo Kiriko glass is of such quality that it was presented as a gift at the 2008 G8 summit held in Japan. The company produces Edo Kiriko glass in traditional designs as well as in more modern designs too.

Manufacturing and sales of glass products

Edokiriko’s Shop Hanashyo

3-49-21 Kameido, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-3682-2321
+81 (0)3-3682-2396
Takayuki Kumakura

We spare no effort in making beautiful glass

Hanashyo is highly rated by many a restaurant for the hardness of its Edo Kiriko glass which prevents it from getting damaged and allows it to maintain its beauty for longer.

The secret behind the brilliance of Hanashyo‘s Edo Kiriko glass lies in its finishing where each and every carved pattern is polished by hand over countless hours, thus sharpening even the finest patterns.

Product development unbound by tradition

They started creating lighting equipment from Edo Kiriko glass 10 years ago. Made entirely by hand, no two lamps are the same. The product is attracting attention as a piece of decoration that fits a new lifestyle and new values.

Although traditional patterns are generally used in Edo Kiriko glass, here they continuously develop new designs. Their design can be seen in the Edo Kiriko glass that was presented as a gift at the G8 summit held in Japan. Their Edo Kiriko is a popular souvenir gift with tourists visiting from abroad.