The true value
of the timber

Hosoda Wood Industries

Hosoda Wood Industries is a comprehensive manufacturer of wooden products that provides everything from processing to construction and its products are used in interiors and exteriors of houses, stores and restaurants. The wood deck of the open space "Kawaterasu" facing the Sumida River is just one example of the company's work.

Processing, manufacturing and sales of wooden products

Hosoda Wood Industries

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Teiji Hosoda

Processed wood and non-combustible wood add value and a competitive edge

Hosoda Wood Industries has focused not only on providing wood but also on adding value. The ability to process and paint with moldings and NC routers is an advantage that no other timber company has.

The company also started handling non-combustible wood in 2017. The non-combustible wood is injected with chemicals that are designed to withstand 20 minutes of direct contact to flames without the fire spreading and also meets the Buildings Standards’ Act. The fact that the company was able to overcome wood’s weakness against fire is substantial.

Constant development of new products to spread the use of wood ever further

The company started processing timber from the Tama area 4 years ago. “Square Woods Tama” is a wood tile that was developed using remnants and scraps that are difficult to handle as building materials. There is also “Kiesugi-kun”, a wooden whiteboard with special processing that allows users to write and erase ink as they please. As a result of Hosoda Wood Industries‘s novel innovations, timber from the Tama area has been increasingly used.