Wood Illution


A general woodworking company that brings the best out of a cleft’s grain in its products. The company will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary. The company’s work can be seen in a wide range of scenes which require a wood-like feeling to its interior including private homes, public facilities, stations and coaches, as well as the interior of the Nanatsuboshi (Seven Stars) deluxe sleeping car excursion train operated by JR Kyushu. The company is developing products around its “Sunfoot” interior design product that makes use of veneer cut to a thickness of 0.2mm.

Manufacturing and sales of veneer


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Shinichi Oyama

An outstanding cleft procurement network and a processing technique that pours life into the veneer

Hokusan‘s main product is its veneer, a thin slice of natural wood that is only 0.2mm thick and used in architecture and car interiors. The company’s strength is its wood procurement network and they send out staff to wood production sites the world over in search of wood with the finest grain. Handling a rich variety of wood, the company’s ability to propose the wood that best matches a client’s image has lead to Hokusan being trusted by many.

Tasteful wood adds authority to a brand’s image

In recent years veneer has come to be used in products from first-class brands such as in parts for Toyota’s Lexus line and the interior decoration of the Seven Stars luxury sleeping car excursion train. The charm of time passed and the warmth of natural wood that cannot be imitated by printed grains give a brand a sense of authority.