Thinking "inside" the box


Since its inception, Watakei has mainly been manufacturing paper packaging boxes for leather bags. In recent years, in addition to that, they have also taken on production of packaging for high-end perfume and confectionery, and orders that are too small for factory production. Their secret to high quality packaging is in their careful and delicate manual work.


2-9-28 Ojima
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Eiji Watanabe

Small-batch specialists in a small-scale workshop

Previously, simple white packaging boxes for leather products was their bread and butter. Things have changed, and now they take many orders for beautifully-decorated boxes for gifts of items such as confectionery. They make these orders by hand in their small workshop, specialising in orders of around 100 pieces. The skill and eye for quality of Watakei‘s artisans are the company’s raison d’être. They are flexible enough to take on specialist orders that large factories would not be able to handle.

Making perfect boxes with precise adjustments

Their work encompasses everything from safe and durable tool boxes for schools and kindergartens, to a collaboration with a Hiroshima-based denim company to create a packaging for macarons from a famous confectionery store. These jobs were considered impossible or too costly for line production, but Watakei found a way to make them happen through ingenuity and careful work. Their quality paper boxes have won them an unwavering trust from all around.