Lab-born ideas


Rikashitsu Co., Ltd. was founded by Sekiya Rika Co., Ltd., a wholesaler of laboratory products for researchers and schools that was established in 1933. With a group of experienced craftspeople, “Rikashitsu” and “Rikashitsu Distillery” are operated as showcases for bringing laboratory glassware products to everyday life.

Manufacturing and sales of laboratory glassware


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Kouki Sekiya

Playfulness opens up new uses for laboratory glassware

Unlike ordinary cups, laboratory glasswares are heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and do not transfer odors, making them perfectly useful even in everyday use. The simple and beautiful form is also highly regarded for decorative purposes. Whenever Rikashitsu posts about a new proposal on social network sites, customers always come up with new, playful ideas in reply. This direct communication with the customers is opening up new uses for laboratory glassware.

Original product development with skilled glass craftspeople

The unique product planning that makes use of the valuable skills of seasoned laboratory glassware craftspeople is a strength of Rikashitsu. The popular product “Handled Beaker” shows the craftsperson’s ingenuity in designing the handle with an angle and shape that prevents the fingers from touching the hot beaker. The home distiller “Rikaroma” has attracted the attention of the aroma industry. Its simple and beautiful modeling and functionality is the secret behind its popularity. Keep an eye on new products from Rikashitsu.