Glass cut with love

Meguro-Glass Arts and Crafts

Meguro-Glass Arts and Crafts is a cut glass studio that specializes in a technique called "Hana Kiriko". Mass production cannot be achieved because all pieces are made individually by manually scraping the glass surface with a diamond to carve out a picture with watercolor-like gradations. Customers can enjoy the one-in-the-world uniqueness of order-made glass.

Manufacturing and sales of glass products

Meguro-Glass Arts and Crafts

1-chōme-3-9 Higashisuna
Hiroki Meguro

One of the few hana kiriko workshops in Tokyo

“Hana Kiriko” is one of the kiriko cut glass techniques from the Edo-period. Manouevering a small diamond as if it were a brush, the artisans draw a picture with watercolor like gradations of light and shade. Requiring specialized techniques and tools, the number of kiriko artisans has been declining year by year.

Meguro Glass Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. is one of the rare Hana Kiriko cut glass professional studios in Tokyo. Hana Kiriko is individually carved by hand and cannot be produced in mass, but new orders keep coming in for these unique pieces.

Precious memories kept alive, engraved in glass

Kiriko pieces by Meguro-Glass Arts and Crafts always cherish stories. If you look into the glass with an iris drawn on the side, you would also see a Nishikigoi carp swimming freely at the bottom. When the pictures overlap, the glass piece starts weaving a picturesque story.

The bespoke works capture memories of the orderers, such as their grandchildren’s favorite minicars or their deceased dog. In this way, the Hana Kiriko technique brings memories back to life.