Seefood fillet
processing meisters

Maruko Suisan

A wholesaler that processes fish fillets for school canteens. The company currently supplies area-specific fishery products to more than 350 facilities such as elementary and junior high schools, nurseries and hospitals in Koto City and eastern Tokyo.

Seafood fillet processing and wholesales

Maruko Suisan

2-11-28 Shiohama, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-5857-5655
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Hiroichi Kozakai

A flexible approach enabling local production for local consumption

Safe and reliable are fundamental for school meals. As a food supplier specializing in school meals, Maruko Suisan procures food with a clear origin on a daily basis through direct contracts with farmers from the Tokyo area.

Placing value on delivering fresh seafood, the company procures seafood directly from local fisheries the nation over as needed. This flexible mindset leads to quality assurance, earning the trust of many schools and hospitals.

Limiting its offer to a small area in the pursuit of quality over quantity

The company currently limits its services to the 10 eastern city of Tokyo, delivering food exclusively for school lunches around Koto City in an attempt to shorten delivery distances and deliver food as fresh as possible. Moving forward, the company wishes to focus on providing fresh domestic food production to a larger number of schools within the current area rather than expanding the area it delivers to.