Protecting the earth

Utsunomiya Industry

Utsunomiya Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1959 and is a company that plans, constructs and services water treatment plants. They support safe and hygienic lives through the construction of pumping and drainage facilities and water and sewerage treatment.

Design, construction and maintenance of equipment for water treatment plants

Utsunomiya Industry

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Hideo Utsunomiya

Growing with the development of the Tokyo waterfront city area

Utsunomiya Industries install large-scale rainwater drainage pumps that prevent flooding caused by heavy rain and typhoons as well as water and air conditioning pumps for water and sewage treatment plants and power plants. In addition, the company builds recycling systems that convert oil-based sludge contained in wastewater from restaurants and other facilities into fuel and conducts development and maintenance of removal devices for scum, an oily substance that impedes the function of water treatment facilities.

Bringing energy and cost effective water treatment technologies to the world

The company’s strength lies in its pursuit of energy and cost effective water treatment plants. This is achieved through, for example, the automation of human operated tasks or by reducing the pumps’ power consumption. Their ingenuity and technical capabilities are held in high regard and have led to the company receiving orders for large projects in recent years.

Moving forward, the company has in its sights overseas projects such as the implantation of its facilities in European and American cities, improving the state of water treatment in Brazil and protecting the rainforest.