Tohsho Equipment

Originally established as Tokyo Automatic Fire Extinguisher Co., Ltd. in 1987, the company changed its trade name to Tohsho Equipment Co., Ltd. the following year. The company manufactures and sells air conditioning materials and kitchen fire extinguishers. In 2004, they started manufacturing and selling the "Bukubuku Jet", a water-filtered kitchen air duct that has proven to be a hit with a large number of large companies in the restaurant and catering sectors.

Manufacturing, sales, design and construction of kitchen air conditioning equipment

Tohsho Equipment

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Shuzo Okada

Patented revolutionary water-powered filtration method

From large commercial sites to convenience stores and restaurants, Tohsho Equipment’s “Bukubuku Jet” grease removal system can be seen in use in a large variety of places throughout Japan. When attached to a kitchen exhaust hood, the punching panel generates bubbles from the water, preventing odor diffusion and duct fires at the same time. The company holds the patent for this revolutionary “bubbling system” which is both simple and durable.

Reduce running costs with maintenance support

One of Tohsho Equipment’s strengths is its ability to reduce both initial implementation and maintenance costs. The simple structure is less prone to failures and cleaning the filter once every 3 or 4 months can preserve a kitchen’s cleanliness and maintain the original performance of the installation. This is a welcome ally to companies who wish to thoroughly take environmental considerations into account in their fire and odor prevention measures.