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Security Japan

Security Japan has been developing products using CCD cameras since its establishment in 1983. Using its unique heat-resistant and high-temperature jacket structure, the company manufactures and sells products that can be used for monitoring purposes under the most severe conditions.

Manufacturing heat-resistant cameras

Security Japan

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Mikio Shimokawa

Enabling quality control at high temperatures of 1600˚C

High-temperature furnaces used in various manufacturing processes such as for glass, steelmaking, automobiles, resins and semiconductors require precise monitoring and quality control. In-furnace surveillance heat-resistant cameras manufactured by Security Japan have enabled monitoring with high-definition CCD cameras even in high-temperature environments of 1200 to 1600˚C on average.

Bringing to the world technology to monitor high-temperature furnaces

The company has developed a heat-resistant jacket that uses a triple air and water cooling structure to keep the CCD camera’s peripheral temperature to about 40 degrees even in the harsh environment of a high-temperature furnace.
Sales continue to grow overseas with demands from new business developments and power plant operations in emerging countries such as China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. In addition, there are many orders from research and development institutions such as company and university labs.