Grind them all

Ishikawa Kojo

The Ishikawa-style mixing grinder which agitates, grinds, mixes and kneads simultaneously was invented in 1897. In the 120 or so years since its invention, Ishikawa Kojo has continued to make mixing grinders while continuously improving its handling and ease of use.

Manufacturing and sales of Ishikawa-style grinders and agitators

Ishikawa Kojo

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Masakazu Nakamura

A unique mixing grinder that supports high quality production

The Ishikawa-style mixing grinder can agitate, grind, mix and knead at the same time. Whereas a conventional mixer produces friction heat, the mixing grinder produces very little heat thus reducing the risk of the produce changing its state. Also, the particles are made finer and produce more homogeneous. The quality of the finished produce when an Ishikawa mixing grinder has been used is unmatched.

The same mechanism used 150 years ago is still present

The mechanism of the Ishikawa-style mixing grinder hasn’t changed for roughly 150 years. The long-lasting and durable machines continue to be brought in for repairs several decades after being initially purchased. Parts for older models are kept in stock allowing customers to continue using their beloved machines for decades on end.