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Established and based in the Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area, Hanaokasharyo was Japan's first material handling equipment manufacturer. Centered around dollies and handtrucks, the company's products have gained popularity not only in Japan but overseas too. The company's flagship DANDY series has also become the basis of the JIS standard for domestic production of handtrucks.

Planning, design and manufacturing of logistics equipment


2-chōme-17-10 Shirakawa
Masashi Hanaoka

From Japan to airports across the world, the DANDY series handtrucks

Originally a mercantile firm, Hanaokasharyo seized the opportunity in the growth of transport and logistics following the Second World War and, in 1965, became the first to make handtrucks in Japan with the development of their iconic DANDY series. By putting in place a mass production system and setting up domestic and international distribution for the DANDY series, the product came to be prevalent for professional use in different industries dealing with heavy goods such as home appliance and liquor shops. The specifications of DANDY have become the standard for handtrucks in Japan.

A design based on detailed research to meet professional requirements

There is huge demand from home appliances retailers, the transport industry and airports for the material handling equipment for professional use developed by the company. The longevity of the equipment, which lasts for 10, 20 years of use, has earned high praise.
Outstanding usability has been achieved through research in professional use and years of accumulated knowledge in the fields of technology and ergonomic design. In recent years the company has also been focusing on the development of IoT-based products such as AGVs for use in airfields. The company will continue to expand areas of activity for its knowhow in technology and design.