Brakes delivered
at breakneck speed

Nakayama Lining Industry

Established in 1961, the company's main business resolves around servicing and "rebuilding" used brake parts as if new. Knowing everything there is to know about brakes, Nakayama Lining Industry disassembles, cleans, polishes, recovers and repaints each part. Delivering the part in under 90 minutes as long as it falls within the scope of its services, the company is lovingly known as Nakayama quick delivery.

Manufacturing and sales of brake parts

Nakayama Lining Industry

3-3-8 Shirakawa, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (03-3858-5594
+81 (03-3884-4620
Takanori Nakayama

Speedy delivering of brake parts within 90 minutes

Maintenance factories, who form Nakayama Lining Industry’s core clients, need to increase the number of repaired cars to ensure productivity. To answer this demand, Nakayama Lining Industry built a system in which a part can be delivered to the maintenance factory within 90 minutes of an order being placed. Whereas most businesses would look to expand the geographical area of their activity, Mr. Nakayama prefers to focus on improving the satisfaction of clients within a restricted geographical area.

A true expert on brakes with 50 years of insight

Expert knowledge and specialized stock for brakes are Nakayama Lining Industry’s biggest assets and the company even evaluates and selects the most suitable brake pad depending on the model of the car.
In recent years the company has seen an increase in inquiries from other industries too, ranging from printing presses to dental oral lamps and even attraction park roller coasters. The company is developing new fields of business as a true specialist of brakes.