Riding the permanent wave

Tama Hair Cosmetics

Tama Hair Cosmetics was established in 1955, in a Japan before the cold permanent wave was fashionable. Over time, it has emerged as a long-standing institution for the development and creation of perming lotion. Thanks to its small scale, it can develop products according to the customer's individual needs. It also sells shampoo directly to end users through its factory outlet shop.

Tama Hair Cosmetics

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Shou Kimishima

Japan’s perming pioneers

From its beginnings in 1955, with the perm yet to take off in Japan, the company has grown to the point that its products are now found in salons across the country. The secret to their deep-rooted popularity is in the rich ingredients of their treatments, and long-lasting hold when compared to their competitors’ products. Recently, more and more people are concerned about damaging their hair, so the need is increasing for perming products that don’t cause harm.

Developing products for small-scale requests

For any given customer, the perm lotion offered by major companies is often unsuitable, depending on their age, their environment, and individual differences. With that in mind, Tama listens to the advice and needs of beauticians when producing their treatments. Their strength lies in creating small-batch products to satisfy small and medium businesses, whether it’s a perming treatment for damaged hair, a treatment that works fast, or a treatment that takes its time to give the best results possible.