The limitless potential
of magnets

Nichilay Magnet

Established in Osaka in 1969, Nichilay Magnet is a pioneer of the magnet industry, planning magnet products and manufacturing finished as well as half-finished products. Their work can be seen in novelty products, interior design, displays at commercial facilities as well as boasting 60% of the market share in magnet stickers for posting.

Planning, manufacturing and sales of magnet application products

Nichilay Magnet

4-20-1, Kameido, Koto City, Tokyo
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Kiyoshi Maehashi

Custom-made magnets are great for novelty items and displays

Disregarding the notion that magnets are solid, the company developed a flexible magnet sheet and produce roughly 100,000,000 magnet stickers every year as novelty items. In addition, magnets also have a starring role in window displays as the attachment of magnets allows for a change of design in only 2 hours, thus considerably reducing labor for seasonal changes to window displays.

Steel paper setting new standards for magnets

Disregarding the common notion that magnets require a metal plate, Nichlay Magnet has developed a steel paper that combines steel foil and coated paper to which a magnet can be attached while retaining the characteristics of paper. The steel paper is used in learning materials in the form of magnetic picture books that stand up to the rigors of repetitive sticking and peeling of magnetic stickers and in nursing schools and nursing homes where drawing-pins cannot be used.