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Mutoh Unipack

Mutoh Unipack has been engaged in processing and selling high-quality envelopes. Domestic and overseas manufacturing bases produce not only envelopes but all sorts of packages.

Manufacturing and sales of envelopes and paper products

Mutoh Unipack

1-7-12 Eitai Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-3642-1141
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Yoshimoto Mutoh

Shipping 4,000,000 envelopes a day, nothing is impossible

Mutoh Unipack has four factories and manufactures over 4 million envelopes per day. The company can meet a wide range of needs such as mass production of over 1,500 kinds of ready-made products, manufacture of custom-made original envelopes, short delivery times and small lots.

From making envelopes to making communication

Mutoh Unipack also makes bags and other packages from their factories in China by applying the same manufacturing technology they use for the production of their envelopes. The company also receives numerous requests to support a client’s communication campaign or sales promotion. Mutoh Unipack isn’t just an envelope maker but rather a company that creates means of communication through envelopes.