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Shinohara Paper Works

Bookbinding company founded in 1974. As well as general bookbinding and direct mail adhesive processing, in recent years the company has also come to propose bookbinding services for books of irregular shapes and create paper accessories. They plan, manufacture and sell all kinds of paper-based products.

Printing related planning and bookbinding

Shinohara Paper Works

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Keisuke Shinohara

A bookbinder that doesn’t just take orders

At Shinohara Paper Works Co., Ltd. there are many unique requests from customers such as photographers, musicians and designers who are particular about what they want. In general, bookbinders bind books according to the specified design instructions. Shinohara Paper Works does not. There are purpose and intent to every design. By understanding the intent and background of the instructions, they are able to determine the materials, shapes, and methods that fully express the original intent.

Development of e-books and jewelry based on bookbinding technology

There are also unique products that use bookbinding technology. For example, the “Complete Collection” e-book series has the appearance of a book and is a popular product with 16 manga series having been released so far. The paper jewelry “ikue” was highly appreciated at overseas exhibitions, and many inquiries and interviews were made immediately after its release. They continue to pursue product development in search of new value created by paper.