Leaving an imprint
with unparallelled
customer support

Syubunsha Printing

Beloved in the local area, Syubunsha Printing create stationary such as envelopes, forms, business cards, and brochures. In recent years, they have focussed on giclée, a form of printing that allows for vivid expression in an artwork; specialist Japanese washi paper printing that requires an expert touch; and large-scale printing for items such as envelopes, which other companies are not able to supply.

Syubunsha Printing

1-11-11 Shinohashi
+81 (0)3-3634-2766
+81 (0)3-3634-2768
Yoshiharu Suzuki

Specialists in the work that other companies cannot do

In Fukagawa, with its many museums and galleries, they are known for their giclée printing. Many artists favour this style because of its vivid color palette that outstrips that of standard printing. Syubunsha can handle giclée up to A1 size. In addition, it is one of the few companies in Tokyo that support washi printing. Currently, they are printing washi envelopes, wrapping paper, and labels for bottles of high-end sake.

Solving the problem before you know it’s there

One reason for their popularity comes from their ability to solve potential problems on the fly. They make every effort to help customers in need – even when those needs are not related to printing – and so people turn to them when unexpected situations occur. This is why the local community trusts them so deeply.