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Ichikudo Printing

Ichikudo is a printing company founded in 1910. Since the company started working on record jackets in the 1960s, it has handled the packaging of various music and video software products, such as CDs and DVDs. In recent years, it has also started producing packaging for cosmetics and POP displays, receiving high praise for its flexibility in coping with special packaging.

Planning and development of printing and packaging

Ichikudo Printing

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Jun-ichi Iwao

Paper-made luxury cosmetics container, food packaging and POP advertisement

Through the 1960s, the company mainly manufactured record jackets. As time moved on and CDs took vinyl’s crown, the company too moved to making paper jackets for CDs. Even now, there continues to be great demand from audiovisual and entertainment industries for the printing and processing of media paper packaging.In recent years, the company has also achieved great results with specially processed printed products for luxury cosmetics, food packaging and POP displays.
Everything from design to planning, special printing, and product processing can be performed at the company’s factory located close to the headquarters, and a high degree of quality can be maintained in the manufacturing of complex products.

Paper – leveraging the maximum potential of a sustainable resource

Ichikudo‘s enthusiasm for the development of new technologies has gained the strong trust of customers, and the company regularly receives requests for consultation on new and challenging projects. The annual calendar that the company distributes for the New Year’s celebration acts as a prototype reflecting modern trends and showing the company’s deep passion towards the development of new products.
Ichikudo was one of the pioneers in focusing on the potential of paper as a sustainable resource, and develops environmentally-friendly product packaging that do not emit microplastics.