Iron-clad innovators


Amadok is a long-established store that has been involved with the iron industry in Koto Ward for over 100 years. Currently, they work mainly on the development and manufacturing of mechanical machinery, and boast Tokyo's leading track record of prefab plumbing for sprinkler systems in large-scale facilities. They value the ideas and suggestions of their employees, and are always working on the development of workshops and new products.


1-11-12 Kitasuna
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Chiine Kagami

Machines supplement the skill of the artisan in the manufacture of difficult parts

Amadok also meets demands from large-scale facilities, such as the redevelopment of former park sites in Shibuya, and the production of plumbing components for huge commercial institutions. Of course, within the manufacture of machinery, the creation of complex parts used in highly-designed buildings is handled manually by expert welders. This gives them the flexibility to fulfill custom orders in iron and stainless steel for everything from the frames and handrails of stairs in plant facilities, to storage tanks, right through to helicopter parts.

Ideas workshops are a hit with local residents

Though they are a long-established shop of over 100 years, they continue to hold the ideas and engineering innovations of their employees in very high regard, and are actively working on new ventures. In particular, their local parent-child workshops – as suggested by their workers – are going down very well. Children visit the factory, get first-hand experience of welding and painting on iron, and use these skills to make nameplates and single-flower vases. These events have brought the company closer to the local community.