The Iron-willed

Handa Ironworks

Established in 1928, Handa Ironworks has been singlehandedly taking on everything from field surveys to design, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel products as a specialist manufacturer since 1970.

Stainless steelworks

Handa Ironworks

1-3-21 Ogibashi, Koto City, Tokyo
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Shigeru Handa

Tending an ear to even the vaguest requests concerning stainless steel

Manufacturing stainless steel handrails for Osaka Expo in 1970 acted as a catalyst leading the company start specializing in the manufacturing of stainless steel products such as handrails, ladders, fences and gates, making the products entirely to order and providing comprehensive support in everything from design to installation and maintenance, taking on even vague requests and blueprints while answering needs to minute detail.

Precise craftsmanship making the impossible possible

While there are barely any manufacturers in the country who cater for spiral staircases for ordinary homes, Handa Ironworks manufactures products to fit the location and even provide installation service. Whereas the norm is to assemble all parts and use a crane to lower the product into place, Handa Ironworks distinguishes itself from competitors by bringing in the product parts by parts before welding and installing it on the spot. It is the precise and advanced skills of Handa Ironworks‘ craftspeople that allows the company to accomplish work that other companies just can’t.