Leather Professors


A maker of luxury leather goods such as wallets and key cases for men, Ishikawa's new factory, where it relocated to in April 2017, is kept bright and clean just like in Italy, the home of the leather industry. The company employs many young craftspeople and the secrets of the craft are handed down in-house.

Manufacturing leather products


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Yutaka Ishikawa

Amicable relationships with suppliers that determine the product’s quality

To maintain the high quality of its products, Ishikawa pays close attention to the procurement of its materials, purchasing great leather with as few blemishes as possible from leather dealers. However, high-quality materials are hard to come by when luxury brands buy all the best materials. Ishikawa‘s answer to this particular problem is to regularly procure a certain amount of leather, thus maintaining a great relationship with its leather suppliers and securing high-quality leather.

A network of craftspeople and the training of young talent enable mass production

About 90% of the manufacturing process for leather products is done by hand or by using sewing machines. Although employing only 15 craftspeople, the company has working partnerships with craftspeople from all over Japan to maintain a good pace of production.

Although the company undertakes mass production much like a factory, handing down the skills of the craft is something it takes very seriously as most of the work is done by hand. Ishikawa actively recruits students who enjoy making goods to pass on the craft to the next generation.