Unsung hero at office

Ishiguro Manufacturing

Established in 1960, the company designs and manufactures plastic parts used in furniture and medical equipment as well as in the construction industry. Their ability to listen to needs and invent brand new parts in reply has made them popular with customers.

Manufacturing and sales of adjusters and casters

Ishiguro Manufacturing

6-2-9 Higashisuna, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-5665-7711
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Yasuaki Ohno

Plastic parts invented in answer to the customers’ needs

Of all the plastic parts manufactured by Ishiguro Manufacturing, more than 60 are original patented products. Be it an adjuster that stops pieces of furniture from wobbling, parts that absorb the dragging sound of chairs and medical equipment or plastic shutters for medicine storage, they invent products that reduce stress and bring comfort to your life.

Serving the needs of over 1000 domestic companies, Ishiguro Manufacturing sets its sights overseas

Ishiguro Manufacturing’s products are sought after by over 1000 domestic companies, most of which are furniture makers or medical facilities. As the number of requests increases in proportion to the number of clients, planning, manufacturing and managing products comes with labor and cost. However, their strength is in making products that answer to each client’s need.

In preparation for their European expansion, Ishiguro Manufacturing is currently strengthening their organizational structure.