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Grasse Tokyo

Grasse Tokyo was founded by the fragrance division of the candle maker Toyo Industry. They manufacture and sell body creams and bath salts that are developed in cooperation with a perfumer from Grasse, a town in southern France known as the perfume capital of the world.

Manufacturing and sales of fragrances and aromatic products

Grasse Tokyo

Four Seasons Building 1F, 5-12-5 Toyo, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-6821-6211
+81 (0)3-3649-0006
Shogo Fujii

High-level perfumes and discerning quality based on research

Grasse Tokyo develops its own fragrances having established a partnership with a fragrance company from Grasse in France, a town known as the perfume capital of the world that constantly produces the world’s finest perfumers. There are close to 800 varieties of fragrances at their headquarters where they conduct research on their own blend of essential oils. Their bath salts, body scrubs and hand creams are in great demand at department stores throughout Japan.

Cooperating with designers to make strides into the world of apparel

Grasse Tokyo takes special care in the packaging of its products, pursuing a design that can be used regardless of sex, effortlessly blending into the interior décor. In recent years its products – designed in partnership with famous designers – have gained recognition for their design and have started taking shelf space not only in department stores but in apparel wear stores as well.