Lasting lightning
for 200 years

Candle Torii

Established in 1830, the company started producing high-quality candles from beeswax and their domestically located factories now produce over 50,000 hand-made candles every day, selling them at department stores throughout the country.

Manufacturing and sales of candles

Candle Torii

2-23-10 Kameido, Koto City, Tokyo
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Kunio Torii

Making 50,000 beeswax candles daily by hand

Beeswax candles sell for roughly twice as much as the white paraffin candles that have become the norm in the modern age. The warm color tones of its flames and its lack of soot along with its smooth fragrances make them popular with users who seek a rich life.

Beeswax is delicate and is unsuited to fully automated machine production. Currently, 4 workers manually produce 50,000 candles a day and ship them all over the country.

Applying candle-making technologies to the medical field

In recent years they have received requests for applying the candle-making technologies to other fields. For instance, medical capsules made from wax are being tested in the medical field to prevent chemical reactions at inadvertent moments and to cause only desired reactions. “If there are other areas that aren’t limited to making candles where we can apply our technologies, we’d like to actively take part in it” positively affirms Mr. Torii.