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Mr. Isogai is a tortoiseshell craftsman with connections to Isemoto, a tortoiseshell workshop from the late-Edo period. He makes tortoiseshell hairpins, accessories and stationery goods, selling them directly at Bekko-Isogai. His father, Mr. Minoru Isogai, was recognized for his excellent craftsmanship in 2009 and awarded the Tokyo Meister certification - craftsmanship he is currently passing on to his three sons.

Manufacturing and sales of tortoiseshell products


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Tsuyoshi Isogai

Craftsmanship that brings out the beauty in modern tortoiseshell products

The certified Tokyo Meister Mr. Isogai Snr remains the central pillar at Bekko-Isogai as he passes on the traditional craft that dates back to the Edo period to his three sons. The family business makes traditional pieces such as hairpins but also listens to the demands of its customers in designing and developing products such as chain necklaces and cardholders that suit the modern lifestyle. Tortoiseshell from natural hawkbill turtles is known for its sticky feeling when touched, a characteristic that the craftsmen believe as being inimitable by plastic.

Exploring sustainability through research on hawksbill turtle aquaculture

Tortoiseshell uses the shell of the hawksbill turtle and has been long been regarded as valuable. Furthermore, the value of tortoiseshell products has risen in recent years due to the scarcity of hawksbill turtles caused by overfishing and marine pollution. In response to this, Bekko-Isogai has established a limited liability company to conduct research on the aquaculture of hawksbill turtles. Bekko-Isogai aims to create a stable source of hawksbill turtles and pass on the cultural skill of tortoiseshell craft.