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Toyo Industry

Established in 1974, Toyo Industry is a specialist candle maker that ships candles made in Japan from Japanese materials to the whole world. They produce candles made of high purity vegetable wax and paraffin wax.

Manufacturing and sales of candles

Toyo Industry

Four Seasons Building 2F, 5-12-5 Toyo, Koto City, Tokyo
+81 (0)3-3649-0007
+81 (0)3-3649-0006
Shogo Fujii

A choice of production systems depending on turnaround time and order volume

Toyo Industry is a commercial candle manufacturer sought after in the hospitality, wedding and funeral industries. Between their headquarters located in Koto City which produces original products that require hand-crafting or a short turnaround and their factory in Toba City which handles mass-production and large sized products, Toyo Industry can choose the production system which is best suited to the specifics of each order.

Repeatedly evaluating materials and formulas in pursuit of quality

The candles made by Toyo Industry are renowned for their beautiful flames and the fact that they produce little soot. Toyo Industry develops its own recipes for the purpose of maintaining the highest quality, endlessly experimenting with the materials of the candle’s wick or the compositions and formulas of its wax.

They are currently in the midst of developing a new candle product to be used in prayer for the deceased in an effort to bring candles into daily lives and not just for birthdays or Christmas.