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A glass manufacturer that has been making laboratory instruments for 50 years, Sakasho's strength is that it has years of experience to pull from in order to fulfill difficult requests from major companies and research and development facilities.

Manufacturing of laboratory glassware


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Tetsuyoshi Endo

Specialized in making products that didn’t exist before

Sakasho’s specialty lies in its ability to shapen laboratory instruments that do not yet exist based on a researcher’s requests regarding the kind of experiments he or she wishes to conduct. Mr. Endo knows the characteristics of glass inside out and proposes the shapes and materials in search of ways to make it all feasible. Sakasho is trusted by national research institutions and research labs of large corporations.

Applying advanced glass processing technologies to other materials

Mr. Endo’s experience also shows in his technical prowess to perform delicate processing. Glass processing gets harder as the flame temperature rises, but being able to strengthen the glass by evenly igniting the flames shows high technical prowess.

In the past, Sakasho has been consulted by companies from other industries about whether plastic or metal products can be made into glass. Looking to the future, Sakasho is exploring the possibility of applying to other materials technologies cultivated from making glass products.