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Irodori Glass

Irodori Glass in Kameido is an Edo Kiriko Glass Studio with a directly managed store. The company's strengths lie in its custom-made orders business and its Kiriko making workshops.

Manufacturing and retailing glass products

Irodori Glass

2F Sunny Bld., 4-19-13 Kameido
+81 (0)3-5609-3618
+81 (0)3-5609-3618
Kenji Kumakura

A workshop that conveys the magic of Kiriko

The combined workshop-shop of Irodori Glass is a place where visitors can intimately learn about Edo Kiriko Glass. Visitors can experience the Kiriko craft by using the actual tools used in the trade. The workshop is enjoyed by participants of all ages and is especially popular with children aged between 6 and 15 with over 500 participants per year.

We enjoy the challenge of complex orders

Although a traditional craft, we will gladly accept the challenge of complex demands and will gladly use new techniques upon request. For instance, we have made laptop cases and cinerary urns from Kiriko Glass, as well as using rattan and lacquer to make unprecedented products. We proactively take in new ideas from clients as we believe that “business chances are in the hands of our customers”.