Silky sartorial skills

Good Fellow

Goodfellow started business as a silkscreen printing in 2002. From there, they established a factory and currently mainly produce clothing decorated using silkscreen printing, embroidery and dyeing. Customers love their cost-efficient solutions and high-quality finishes.

Good Fellow

8-21-2 Kameido
+81 (0)3-5626-3433
+81 (0)3-5626-3433
Sachiko Miyata

Artisanal silkscreen printing, beautiful to the finest detail

The Goodfellow workshop has created a variety of clothes, from the uniform of a popular café in Minami-Aoyama to the merchandise sold at the concerts of a popular artist. Their greatest specialty is handcrafted silkscreen printing. Manual printing gives an advantage over machines: the artisan can deftly and delicately control the pressure, so that even the finest of lines show beautifully and cleanly.

Employees’ personal touches are always a hit

Their strength is crafting solutions that are both on-trend and cost-efficient. They make a point of incorporating the unique ideas and capabilities of their employees to ensure that the customer leaves delighted. In the future, they plan to branch out from clothing into the design of silkscreen-printed sofas and camping supplies. They dream of creating a “new silkscreen culture”.