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A printing company that handles everything in-house from prints to bookbinding, Prise-Communication launched its popular "Supadan Studio" line of pet goods made from reinforced cardboard materials in 2013.

Printing and in-house product planning, manufacturing, and sales


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小野 綾子

Reasonable, lightweight and easily recyclable pet furniture

Using reinforced cardboard jointly developed with a cardboard manufacturer, the company makes various pet goods that make use of the strengths of paper. The paper-based closet for pets is lightweight and easy to handle even for female or elderly users. The product can be easily recycled and is cheap to boot. Moreover, the paper-made clothes hanger for pet clothing comes in all kinds of patterns and design variations creating value from the joys of choice.

Paper-made furniture are introduced to disaster sites and nursing homes

The development of paper-made furniture isn’t limited to the pet goods industry. Small and lightweight furniture have the potential to serve a need in children’s rooms and nursing homes, and the company is currently considering the possibility that the introduction of paper furniture to emergency shelters could help to maintain a sense of privacy and comfort in the event of a disaster.