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Interdecom is a construction materials manufacturer that undertakes everything from planning to manufacturing and construction. Its lightweight EPS original product “Ardeco” is a decorative construction material that colors the interior and exterior of buildings. Used in various commercial and public facilities, it has a track record of being adopted in about 3,000 cases nationwide. The company is currently developing it business throughout the country.

Manufacturing and sales of decorative construction materials for buildings


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Yasuji Matsuzaka

Unique manufacturing method that allows for small lot production and a variety of intricate designs

Ardeco, Interdecom’s decorative construction material, is made by coating EPS (polystyrene foam) with “Nef”, the company’s very own primer material that mixes paint with resin and concrete, giving it a stone-like appearance while being both lightweight and strong. The company’s unique manufacturing method allows for small lot production of a variety of products and is used to decorate a variety of buildings such as attraction parks, wedding venues and hotels.

Ardeco decorates building exteriors while also contributing in weight reduction

Ardeco can be used to implement a variety of intricate decorations, ranging from the beautiful curves of medieval Europe to the Namako walls for Japanese architecture purists. The company’s past as a design studio is behind its strength of being able to handle everything from planning to manufacturing of decorations in-house while taking the design concept of each building into consideration. The company is sought after by many large general contractors and construction companies for partnerships.